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De visuele samenvatting van de persconferentie over de van 6 augustus

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Kreeg zowel extreemrechts als extreemlinks op mijn dak, maar dit kritische stuk van @bitsoffreedom over de gevaarlijke dominantie van Facebook verdient écht een tweet en zet aan tot nadenken:

The problem with #TikTok is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok: The US ban of TikTok suggests that surveillance via social media giants is okay, but not when the surveillance is being done by China. While TikTok might be one of the worst surveillance machines, we have to understand that surveillance is always bad. Let's fight for our right to #privacy. 💪

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@KeesVee Los van de inhoud blijft het triest dat een bedrijf als Facebook zo beslist wat wel en niet oké is. Zo fout....

I am a proud supporter of @NOYB fighting the legal battle for proper enforcement of EU privacy law.
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Wow.. Now the former US ambassador to the EU gets personal and floats "between the line" accusations.. 🙄

For anyone that wants to know how we funded it: 90% by pro bono work (a concept that seems to be new to @tonylgardner and the rest by 3.300 supporting members of @NOYBeu)(1)

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I have never nodded my head in agreement so hard when reading a home page. Creators you have to check out @comraderycoop. Incredible idea to help creators build an income.

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Meneer Hoek mag op zijn 95ste van mij best worden.
Meneer Hoek heeft namelijk heel erg gelijk.

A thing I wish more people in IT would understand:

The fact that browsers come with their own lists of trusted root CAs and the poor UX around managing CA trust is a big problem because it centralizes that trust.

It means that in practice who you trust on the web is decided by your browser vendor – it means that for the majority of humanity #Google gets to decide who is trustworthy and who isn't.

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**als een manager een half jaar lang zijn planten op kantoor in leven weet te houden heeft hij recht op een bonus**

Downloading most the @defcon 28 talks, now only make sure to actually watch it over the weekend :-) . In retrospect I should have used bittorrent, but I was planning on downloading only a couple 🥴🥴

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It seems really hard for some US folks to understand that to someone not from the US, the idea of Chinese companies and China having my data is not in any way more worrisome to me than the idea of US companies and the US having my data. It's all shit.

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every time you buy something from Amazon that you could buy from a small, independent business

a puppy gets told that it's just not good enough

even though it tried its hardest to do everything right

Het veluwemeer is een erg ondiep meer hadden we ooit met surfles aldaar al eens gemerkt. Heerlijk bericht dat de Edelherten er ook gewoon overheen komen

I really appreciate the way that @Apple
enrolled all my kids on multi factor authentication without me doing _anything_. Now I cannot access their mail when I need too, small price to pay :-)

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Last week, we heard @Apple was wondering internally what "their repair strategy was".

This week, we react. Apple may be confused about repair, but we're clear: only good regulation can ensure longer-lasting, repairable phones & computers.

So apparently the disk in my time capsule is just borked. Did a new backup of the same laptop to the Synology NAS and now restore will just take a couple of hours. Phew, timemachine was not to blame 🥳

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Thuiswerken. Dat je lief ineens binnenloopt met heerlijk vers fruit! ❤️🥳 500 relatiecredits verdiend

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