If blacklisting become denylisting and whitelisting becomes allowlisting, greylisting becomes ..... maybelisting?

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Heel herkenbaar. Behalve de pyjamafan en de snacker kom ik deze types bijna elke dag op beeld tegen.

Is anyone running the Signal client on /e/ OS here? I've been having the issue that new messages only arrive when the app is actually open and catching up is rather slow.

Although the Clevo based laptop performs excellent, it must be said that the build quality could be a lot better. I'm already seeing clear bending on the display part. It does not hamper my work on it, but still. The Dell XPS 9570 that I also have is a *a lot* sturdier.

Climate change explainer that doesn't make you feel guilt and despair. By my favorite video game reviewer, who also happens to be a chemist. youtu.be/uqwvf6R1_QY (Seriously, I usually scroll past climate stuff because I'm convinced but feel powerless, and impotent outrage is not a healthy emotion to have a lot of.. this video taught me a ton while being so entertaining I would totally watch it again)

@Shamar being a customer does not equal willingly sharing data, so this is a bit clickbaity.

The Dutch ministry of justice paid for a #privacy test of Office 365, finding a series of issues. Just one of these: 6 different companies receive user data including file names, without even a privacy policy.

@doenietzomoeilijk uiteindelijk hoop ik iets te vinden wat je bij een klant neer kan zetten waar ie zelf ook nog wat mee kan. Dus juist ook een GUI / beheer tools. Dat is waar VMWare shines.

Over the past year I had to work with Citrix Hypervisor / xenserver for a client. Having worked with VMWare, I was not impressed by the overall quality and robustness. To get a chance to testdrive alternatives I just procured a used HP server. I will use this to testdrive both Proxmox and XCP-ng (the open source fork of xenserver). Open for other FLOSS options to consider.

@timkrueger Yes having any cloud service providing the services with e2e encryption would be ideal, I agree that selfhosting is not for everyone. I would rather not, but we need to start using FLOSS alternatives and pay for them if we can, so these alternatives get a change to grow and prosper.

@timkrueger @aral As everyone in my home uses a iDevice, I set up a selfhosted Nextcloud instance and configured everyone's devices to use it for calendar, contacts and photo upload. Alas not a solution when you rely on third party apps with iCloud integration. But it works good enough for me /us. Reconfiguring everyones device was somewhat painful, but not problems since.

As for banking I use a Dutch java app called Naanab, but they only seem to focus on the Netherlands.

@timkrueger @aral most problems that you have with Linux that you don't have with MacOS boils down to hardware driver support / tweaks. So getting hardware from a vendor that actually supports your favorite distro of Linux is your best bet for an Epic Linux on the Desktop experience.

@Joris ik ben ook pas de laatste jaren wat terug gaan trekken. Ook met het idee dat veel mensen toch wel weten wie ik echt ben. Maar je vind me nu net iets minder makkelijk.

@Joris teveel naar de Amerikanen gekeken ben ik bang. Temeer reden om gewoon ouderwets" met pseudoniemen te werken op het Internet.

Was going to run a particular test workload for a new client on my laptop. It has been postponed for a day, 16 GB RAM won't suffice. RAM upgrade inbound tomorrow 😂

Tried to use WebEx on my Debian 10 laptop but it failed to display video complaining about running low on resourses. Tried both Chromium and Firefox. So for now I run the webex app on my /e/ OS phone which is good enough I guess.

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We'd announce that we're stopping too, but we never started turning over user data to HK police. Also, we don't have user data to turn over. twitter.com/HongKongFP/status/

Collega op maandagmorgen op de chat: het gaat de hele week regenen dus ik wil niet op de camping zitten. Vindt iemand het een probleem als ik mijn vakantie een week doorschuif? Team: geen probleem!

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