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This year's badge was again graciously sponsored by @EspressifSystem. They sent us their flagship WROVER modules (v3)! 16MB flash and the latest silicon improvements πŸ‘

Only a few days left to reserve one, available for anyone in NL. Get yours now! campzone.nl/2020/05/onthulling

Just wanted to give a shoutout to @pixelfed they have really been doing a lot of work to bring #pixelfed mainstream to platforms like #instagram, and we all know maintaining a project let along a server is costly so i'll leave their #liberapay if you all want to give back


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Today we published an Open Letter on cooperation two years after , with a special focus on how the @DPCIreland is dealing with our first complaints and how they engaged with about bypassing the law..

⏩ For the details see noyb.eu/en/open-letter

So browsing with javascript enabled is plain dangerous for your security and privacy. Disabling javascript is very unpractical. Is anyone doing javascript security policies of some sort in webbrowsers to prevent this kind of thing?
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Yep. eBay "scans" your computer using browser websockets after you login, looking for specific ports.
I see ports typically used by RDP, VNC, remote access/control. 14…

Ziet er supercool uit, ik heb er een paar besteld. Zag dat je gewoon via het ordersysteem extra geld kan doneren @HackZoneNL
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Order a Campzone badge now! It has all the tricks and its completely awesome! twitter.com/hackzonenl/status/

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β€œApple now theoretically has a centralized database of every Mac user who's ever used youtube-dl. Or Tor. Or TrueCrypt.” lapcatsoftware.com/articles/ca

Apparently @Gargron is working on end to end encryption for direct messages in mastodon. That would be absolutely awesome. Will take some time though

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Selected tracks from the PAC-MAN 40th ANNIVERSARY compilation album are digitally released in advance!
Release Link: linkco.re/4BzGR0EG
For more details: pacman.com/en/news/?p=264

That package has been around for years, but my shell script was doing fine and I had little reason to replace it. My scripts was a little verbose at times and that does not scale well

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Just moved some of my systems to using the unattended-upgrades package instead of my homegrown update script. Lets see how that works out for me.

Last week I moved some items from iCloud to Nextcloud. It included contacts, todo lists and calendars for my family . It all worked out nicely, calendar sharing is a bit more flexible than with apple it seems. On the other hand, no calendar notifications when someone else changes a shared calendar. Maybe it is something that I can fix

Took the plunge and ordered a new laptop from laptopmetlinux.nl to run Debian 10. Interested too see how well this Clevo base machine will work for me πŸ˜€ πŸ‘

I guess I’ll be updating all my Jitsi instances next week. End to ebd encryption Jay! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
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Hey Fellow JItsters! We just updated the Electron app with some exciting fixes, including random room name generation, support for End-to-End Encryption and more! Check it! πŸ‘‰ github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-el πŸš€

Het stoort me bijvoorbeeld al jaren dat parental controls vaak gestoeld zijn op de amerikaanse ideeen over opvoeding waar ik als ouder niets meer aan kan doen.

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