Don’t mind me. Just compiling Windows XP from source

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S07E23 – Hoe je VoIP stuk maakt met pebkac en waarom telefonie nog zo gaar klinkt met Nick Bouwhuis

The Twitter algorithm seems to think I am a British expat.

@GOVUK I am registered for healthcare. Thanks for asking.

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Just in case you were wondering whether you can carry PCIe over standard .1 inch dupont cables: Yes, you can

Want to mess with voice bots? Try the @speakupnl API. To get you started:

Shitposting @ZiggoCompany's lack of IPv6 support

Translated: "Why do you want to configure IPv6?"

Gee, I don't know.. Maybe because it's 2020?

For the record: IPv6 support with Ziggo is lacking when users choose to use their own devices.

Is er leven op Pluto? Nee, maar op Venus wel.

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Good morning! Nvidia just bought ARM (from Softbank) and Oracle won the bid for TikTok. Heavy stuff.

nou, vooruit dan
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-weg (over een week)

Wat doe jij vanmiddag om

Is this one on already?

Translated: We'll implement IPv6 when we run out of IPv4 addresses.

This is a ISP that is legitimately using that as a reason to not roll out IPv6 for their customers. 🤦‍♂️
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@DannyvdMast Hi Danny, dit staat inderdaad op de planning zodra de ipv4 adressen op zijn! Voor nu hebben we er echter nog niets concreets over gehoord. ^SA

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